"I became a "big" about 2 years ago. One of the main reasons I became one was I lost my bother to suicide when I was in middle school. Shortly after my parents divorced and I was struggling in many ways. I had a family friend step in and mentor me for several years. Even though he lives in Florida I still see him a couple times a year and we remain close to this day.

Had it not been for that relationship I don't know where I would be today.

Being involved with the community has always been a big part of my life since I grew up in a family business that was always very active in local charities. One of the things I believe is you can donate, give, volunteer, etc., but if you want to make a difference do it in the life of a child!

I have always felt Big Brothers Big Sisters is a great program and had a desire to volunteer and one day I just picked up the phone and did. I can say since I was matched it has been more rewarding then I could ever imagine. It reminds me of all the things I am so grateful for on a daily bases. As our relationship has grown and you see how the little things make such big differences in his life it makes it all worth while. It has made me grow as a person in many ways. I have a wonderful wife and two young daughters and it is so fun to see how it has helped us all grow as a family. My little and his mother have became a big part of our family.

As for memorable moments I feel every time we get together it is something memorable. It was just tonight we went by an old neighbor of mine who had called earlier and said if I would like to clean some crappie he had a mess in his live well. I picked him up and grabbed my fish cleaning tools and my little was handing me the fish while I was filleting, and by the time he handed me the second fish he asked, "do you think we could have fish for dinner?" and of course I responded, "I think I can make that happen!". It makes my three year olds day anytime he comes over to the house she just lights up when she sees him. We proceeded to get everything out to make the fish. He rolled them in cornmeal and put them in the grease while I fished the done ones out. By the time we were done my little girl had her princesses out and was proudly showing them to him. It wasn't long before they were doing circles in the kitchen chasing each other, and the whole house was filled with laughter. It wasn't long and I spilled some tarter sauce right on a pair of my wives shoes. In my quick thinking I looked over and blamed it on my "little" as joke as I was getting the eye from my wife. He points at me and, "says it wasn't me!" and what does my little girl pipe up and say, "it wasn't Kayden it was you daddy!" in her sweet little voice. And as I was cleaning the shoes and floor while everyone was laughing and carrying on. It is moments like those that makes everything worth while!

Another great moment is when we first started hanging out I took him fishing in a little old jon boat for catfish. We were checking the lines and he didn't know quite what to think and I told him to man the net and get ready cause we were going to catch a big one, and he was thinking yeah right! We weren't 30 minutes into it and we had one bigger than the net! It was about a 20lb fish and when we got it in the boat he was amazed that there were fish that big in the lake! I made him pick it up and pose with it in the boat and his smile was ear to ear! We have done so many things and our lives have grown in so many ways I wouldn't trade it for the world!"

~ Scottie Martin, Scotts Concrete






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